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Clinical Psychology


Do you know what it’s like to be understood? feel completely safe to talk about anything without being judged? We provide that every session. Our clients understand that when they come to us for help, they get a full package of help, treatment, advice and support.


Couples Counseling

  Couples Therapy is a therapy that targets any couple whose relationship is in distress and despite the efforts of the partners, those latter still feel that there is no way out of this troubled path. There are many reasons for a relationship to fall apart or to be at the edge.



Neuropsychology studies the structure and function of the brain as they relate to specific psychological processes and behaviors. The discipline involved the application of tenderized measures such as neuropsychological tests to assess cognitive deficits such as memory impairments, attention difficulty & low concentration including logical thinking, intelligence and other.


Kids with Special Needs

  Do you often hear the word “Special Needs”but do not understand what it means? Well allow us to offer some detailed information: “Individuals with Special Needs” describes children, adolescents and adults whose needs require assistance for disabilities that may be medical, educational, mental, or psychological.

Psychological Testing

  In the Medical field, a doctor often requests a blood test, a brain MRI or a CT Scan among other laboratory tests. Unfortunately, in the Mental Health field, these tests are not helpful. Clinical Psychologists use special tests to get more information about a person’s intelligence, cognitive functions, academic difficulties, learning disabilities, personality etc…

Family Therapy


Family and Couple Therapy is a specific school of psychotherapy that helps improve the day to day functioning of relationships. It focuses on helping individuals see patterns, meanings, and functions to their complaints or symptoms and develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their partners, their siblings, and their children in order to reduce or stop unwanted behaviors and learn new ones.


Psychomotor Therapy

Successful movement and balance skills are crucial for a child’s psychomotor development. Psychomotor Therapy is a technique that helps in developing good coordination of movements, balance, as well as improving a child’s motor skills. The psychomotor therapist assesses difficulties in the development of motor competencies and, where necessary, provides treatment.


School Counseling

  As we know, children and adolescents can’t be isolated from their environment, and often, the difficulties they encounter impact their daily lives and adaptive functioning. For this reason, we don’t isolate our psychological intervention from other aspects of the child’s life such as school, family, social activities, etc. One of these aspects is school
counseling and intervention.

Speech/Language Disorders

  Many children struggle with speech or learning problems or delays. As a parent, wondering if your child is “on track” is a normal thought. It is important to know that all children develop at a different pace, and what is considered “typical development” is very widespread, especially in the early toddler years.  It is important to find out what the problem is as soon as possible in order to start the intervention early.

Learning Disabilities


Children and adolescents who have a learning difficulty appear as lazy, inattentive, not studious enough or even as not smart ! Learning disabilities impact students' grades more often than any other disability. Learning disabilities are defined as having a weakness in one or more of the following areas: Reading, spellings, writing, comprehension, calculating, memorizing etc...


Autism Spectrum Disorder

  The major defining characteristic among individuals with ASD include deficits in social interactions, deficits in communication, and behavioral problems.





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