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Autism Spectrum Disorder





The Autism Spectrum

The major defining characteristics among individuals with ASD include deficits in social interactions, deficits in communication, and behavioral problems. Social interaction deficits can be observed in the limited interest in initiating conversations with others and in difficulties building relationships. Communication deficits are seen when children with ASD lack the skill of developing typical communication skills and/or engage in echolalia for instance. Last but not least, the behavioral problems apparent among children with ASD include instances of repetitive behavior, fixated interests in or preoccupation with unusual objects, and difficulties with schedule changes. 


Services Provided to Clients with Autism: ABA Therapy

Since autism is a disorder that falls on a continuum, every individual with ASD is unique and receives an individualized treatment package that targets his or her needs. Applied behavior analysis is a scientific and evidence-based approach that focuses on the behavior of individuals and aims at providing behavioral changes through positive interventions. Such interventions can be practiced at home and at the clinic, bringing about positive results when adhered to appropriately and consistently. Research studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of ABA in areas such as play, social interactions, academics, and self-help skills. 


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