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School Counseling




Modern psychology offers a new perspective on psychological challenges, as it sheds light on multifactorial implications related to different disabilities and difficulties. This new approach in psychological health requires the implementation of a more holistic intervention in order to understand the specific needs of each patient.

Subsequently, therapeutic interventions should not be reduced solely to the exclusive clinical setting, especially when treating children and adolescents. As we know, children and adolescents can’t be isolated from their environment, and often, the difficulties they encounter impact their daily lives and adaptive functioning. For this reason, we don’t isolate our psychological intervention from other aspects of the child’s life such as school, family, social activities, etc. One of these aspects is school counselling and intervention.

Our collaboration with schools aims to compliment the tools of intervention with the child or adolescent, whether it is a psychological behavioural intervention or psychomotor and speech therapy intervention.

Our team maintains this collaboration with the school by conducting extensive meetings with directors and teachers supervising the child/ adolescent. The objective of these meetings is to mutually understand the functioning of the child/adolescent in their daily setting, offer feedback on the therapeutic techniques that can be applied at school on the academic, behavioural or social level, and to follow-up on their progress throughout the therapeutic intervention. Furthermore, collaborating with the school may also include some training on different aspects of educational intervention at school in general or in a specific manner.

Finally, in order to offer an effective therapeutic intervention, we should keep in mind that when it comes to children and adolescents, working in partnership is always the most beneficial solution.


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