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Family Therapy





Family and Couple Therapy is a specific school of psychotherapy that helps improve the day to day functioning of relationships. It focuses on helping individuals see patterns, meanings, and functions to their complaints or symptoms and develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their partners, their siblings, and their children in order to reduce or stop unwanted behaviors and learn new ones.


Family and Couple Therapists focus on the present and are able to understand and empathize with all members of the family and both members of a couple; they usually work on the inter-relational, that is, what is happening between individuals. The duration of therapy is usually brief, 20 sessions on average. Some of the most common complaints that improve with Family and Couple Therapy are: children or adolescents with disruptive behaviors like difficulty studying or anorexia, couples who are feeling distanced from each other and are struggling with intimacy, couples who are frequently arguing, misunderstanding, or hurting each other, couples trying to deal with extramarital relations (or affairs), couples considering separation or divorce, and families or couples trying to cope with loss or grief.


Family and Couple Therapist build on the strengths and positives of any couple or family in order to bring about effective and sustainable changes.


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