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Maria Zakaria, MA MS


Speech and Language Therapist
Children and Adults
Kids with Special Needs
Nawfal Clinics Ė Lebanon

Maria Zakaria is a speech and language pathologist and therapist. She earned a bachelors degree as well as a masters degree from the Lebanese University. After her graduation in 2011, she started working with kids having learning difficulties or language delay and with people suffering from stroke or neurological injury that affect language and speech. Ms. Zakaria provides a full comprehensive service in the field of speech and language pathology, from screening, assessment to treatment. Services are customized according to age. Mariaís specialty encompasses patients from all age groups (Children, adolescent, older adolescents, adults and the elderly). Speech and language disabilities take various forms and are categorized as communication disorders (voice, speech, language, learning), and fluency (stuttering).

In addition, Maria provides evaluation and treatment services for adults through geriatrics who are in need of voice therapy/voice training (including voice disorders due to neurological conditions, such as Parkinsonís Disease), speech/language disorders resulting from stroke (aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria), and swallowing disorders (coughing/choking, reflux related issues). In her role as a rehab clinician, Maria develops programs for adults and provides comprehensive evaluations, skilled treatment, family counseling and support, and collaborates with other professionals in an effort to address individual/family needs. She assists in treating a variety of swallowing and communication issues resulting from stroke or head injury/surgery, neurologically-based speech and voice disorders, and cognitive-linguistic rehabilitation. Therapy is individual and sessions are 45-minutes in length. Also, itís personalized to an individualís needs, interests and hobbies, to make treatment more salient and relatable for the patient and family.

On the other hand, Maria has different goals while working with toddlers and children in the school. Her evaluations and therapy have focused on aiding children with autism and learning disabilities, language delay, literacy issues (including phonics, spelling, comprehension, and writing), articulation and phonological impairment, auditory processing, social and interactive skills, improving reading and writing skills by addressing phonemic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. She works closely with parents as well as other professionals (teachers, psychomotor therapists, psychologists, etc) in order to facilitate generalization of skills.

Maria believes providing quality therapy involves compassion, patience, evidence based practice, parental support, and having fun.
She is a member of ALO (association Libanaise Des Orthophonistes) and the neurological committee.


To make an appointment, please call +(961) (9) 919185 or +(961) (3) 919889  or email her at


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