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Michael Khoury, MD MA


Family and Couples Therapist
Nawfal Clinics - Lebanon


Dr. Michael Khoury has his educational background in Biology, Medicine, Clinical Psychology, and Psychosocial animation.  He has worked as a Lecturer at AUB (The American University of Beirut), a counselor for scholarship students at AUB, a trainer in mental health with the Ministry of Public Health and various local, regional and international NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), is an advisor on several international NGOs, a trainer on communication skills, a mental health specialist in palliative care and dignity therapy, and a clinical psychotherapist in private practice since 2006. 

Dr. Khoury has had significant clinical experience in providing therapy for the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Queer) community to help them explore their choices and heal; provided counseling and supported individuals, couples, and families who have experienced loss throughout their grieving process to give meaning again to their lives; and is deeply aware of cultural similarities and differences that he carefully and skillfully utilizes in every session and throughout the healing process.  Not only does Dr. Khoury have a solid foundation and understanding in the biological and the medical aspects of mental health and physical health, and their intersection, psychosomatic health, he also has studied and trained in multiple schools of therapy which he utilizes integratively with every patient, couple, or family under his care.  Some of these schools of therapy are: CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), psychoanalytic, analytic-systemic, family systemic, and IPT (Interpersonal Psychotherapy).  This form of psychotherapy that combines theories, principles, values, and techniques from the different schools of therapy is called integrative therapy. 

Dr. Khoury, irrespective of which school he is using, always strives to remain objective, ethical, non-judgmental, openly curious, humanistic, empathic, genuine, and values every person with utmost respect and regard; he also ascertains the highest levels of confidentiality and anonymity.  Psychotherapy with Dr. Khoury is usually an interactive and dynamic process, focuses on the present, and is personalized to each person depending on age, sex, culture, need, goals, and the realistic complexities of who the patient is as a person.


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